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SQL: Create C# Classes from Table Structure

These scripts are highly flexible, I have included: the connection, select/insert/update/delete commands, etc. Use to your hearts’ content! Download here: Generate Classes from Tables or copy/paste from below.

SQL: Zeroes (or any character) before/after Field Value

A common search, it seems to me, on the internet for SQL assistance is for “how to add values to the beginning or ending of a field.” This is easily […]

SQL: Find and Replace Value

This is a modified SQL script I had found that just searched every field in a given table and can be fairly easily modified to search and replace in an […]

SQL: Create VB.NET Classes from Table Structure

This is the VB.NET version – download here: Generate Classes from Tables or copy/paste from below. C# version is here.

SQL: Write to File

I’m not sure of the original creator of this script (Thank you whomever you are!), but over time I have tweaked it for my own use and use it quite […]