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This is usually a list of my current projects; however, I’m so busy right now that it is virtually impossible to work on anything else. The following is a list of “ideas” I’ve had and would really like to create.

  • A mobile app which would scan book barcodes into a database, determine if there is an e-book in your Google Play Books/Kodo/Amazon/etc account, link them and build a virtual library that you could easily pull up and view whatever book you’d like. As well as, of course, allow purchasing an e-book version if you don’t already have it.
  • A windows application that would allow management of the above library and manual edits/tweaks. Also allowing the user to read, add notes/commentary, add a wishlist of e-books that would notify you when one is available or the price has dropped, etc.
  • The chicken game from Peppa Pig. I kinda have to do this one, my daughter is a big fan!